Insiders claim that Elon Musk has ordered to prioritize Full Self-Driving (FSD) routes, which he uses himself and which are used by content creators for Tesla FSD. This is reported by Business Insider.

Tesla has a department of “data annotators” who watch video from the cameras of thousands of Tesla cars and teach artificial intelligence to drive like a human being. However, the annotators prioritize two categories: Elon Musk’s cars and a select group of VIP drivers. The VIP category includes bloggers who create content about Tesla.

The annotators were instructed to focus on improving routes near the headquarters of Tesla, SpaceX, X locations, and Musk’s former estate.

Some employees argue that prioritizing work on VIP drivers’ routes is due to the fact that content creators force the system to work at its limits, and therefore it makes sense to train its neural networks to cope with such situations. But it also creates a situation where this category of drivers has a better experience with Tesla FSD than the average driver.