The The Information reports that Apple is currently working on a cheaper version of the Vision Pro headset, which is due to be released next year. At the same time, work on the second generation of Vision Pro has been postponed.

Although it is not yet clear how much the cheaper Vision Pro model will cost, any price of less than $3500 will already look more competitive. According to available information, the device will cost about $1500, which is about the same as a top-of-the-line iPhone. This is closer to Meta and its Quest headsets.

By the way, just last week, Apple revealed that Vision Pro is now available in eight new countries and also announced the visionOS 2 update.

The Information notes that Apple may resume work on the second generation of the top-of-the-line Vision Pro at some point. However, the company’s strategy has now changed. Over the past year, the number of employees working on the new Vision Pro has been gradually decreasing as attention has been focused on a cheaper model. Apple is looking for ways to reduce the cost of the device and fix some of its shortcomings. In particular, to make the headset lighter, which many users have complained about.