LinkedIn is launching new AI-powered features to help users build resumes and find jobs. They will be available only to premium account holders. This was reported by The Verge.

LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen writes that users will be able to simply tell the chatbot what position, city, and salary they want to find a job for. After that, artificial intelligence will show all the vacancies that match the user’s request.

The bot will also be able to review the resume and provide personalized suggestions for improving it for a specific job. Users will be able to upload their resume, get feedback, and make changes interactively using artificial intelligence.

AI will also be able to write cover letters to companies when submitting resumes.

These tools will complement other AI features that LinkedIn started testing at the end of last year, including the ability to summarize posts from the LinkedIn feed.

The company is also testing AI expert personas that can be used to engage in conversations to learn more about business topics. Tomer Cohen notes that all the information was prepared by real experts in their fields and is further personalized to the user’s request.

The company also promises to improve the search on the platform with the help of generative artificial intelligence, but it does not specify how exactly.