Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark has made the world’s first phone call using a new technology called immersive audio and video. This was reported by Reuters.

“We have demonstrated the future of voice calls,” said Nokia’s CEO.

Today’s smartphone calls are monaural, which compresses audio elements together and sounds flatter and less detailed.

The new technology improves call quality through three-dimensional sound, making interaction more realistic. This means that the caller will hear everything as if they were right next to the other party.

“It is the biggest leap forward in the live voice calling experience since the introduction of monophonic telephony audio used in smartphones and PCs today,” said Jenny Lukander, president of Nokia Technologies.

Nokia здійснила дзвінок за допомогою звичайного смартфона через загальнодоступну мережу 5G.

Nokia Technologies noted that, in addition to presence-based calls, the technology can be used in conference calls, where the voices of participants can be separated depending on their spatial location.