Research company Antenna has found that Spotify has the most loyal subscribers. Users of this service are the least likely to choose other streaming services, according to Bloomberg.

According to the company, less than 1.5% of Spotify users abandoned the service in April. The monthly churn rate of the company’s listeners fluctuates at 2% throughout the year. Netflix’s rate is also around 2%.

The music streaming market is much more stable than video streaming. Music services do not have exclusive bands that can only be listened to in them, so their users are much less likely to change service providers.

Also, the possibility of getting the same service from another provider keeps companies from raising prices. If Spotify costs more than Apple Music, Amazon, or YouTube, people will simply switch to another service.

Antenna reports that Spotify and other companies are working to make it harder for users to switch services. Personalized playlists, a customized recommendation algorithm, and the inability to transfer your carefully assembled playlist can deter you from switching to a competitor.

Spotify’s account growth and cancellation rates are much better than those of its competitors.

While overall subscriber growth is slowing across the industry, Spotify is performing at its best. Last year, the company added 113 million users, including 29 million paid subscribers. This was the best year of user growth and the second best year of subscriber growth.