From now on, all ChatGPT users will be able to take advantage of the new features of the GPT-4o model, which was recently introduced. This was reported by The Verge.

Features such as data analysis, charting, file uploads, and custom GPTs were only available to users with ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise subscriptions.

However, now the new features are open to everyone, including those who use the free version of ChatGPT. However, there will still be certain restrictions.

For example, users who do not have a paid subscription will not be able to create their own custom GPTs. In addition, they will have other limitations: when they reach the message limit using GPT-4o, they will automatically revert to GPT-3.5.

One feature that users won’t hear is the controversial Sky voice. OpenAI removed it after users drew attention to its similarity to Scarlett Johansson’s voice.

In early May, OpenAI introduced its new artificial intelligence model GPT-4o, which significantly expands the speech processing capabilities compared to GPT-4.

GPT-4o extends the capabilities of the previous GPT-4 model by being multimodal, i.e. using not only textual data for training, but also video, audio, images, and other visual information.