YouTube continues its fight against ad blockers

Some users on Reddit have once again started complaining that YouTube is restricting the ability to watch videos with third-party ad-blocking apps enabled. This time, the videos are simply skipped or the sound does not work. This was reported by Android Authority.

An SDHD4K user on Reddit published a post sharing new restrictions from YouTube, where with the ad blocker enabled, the video the user wanted to watch was simply skipped.

There were other users in the comments who faced similar problems. For example, lokileo said that with the lock on, the sound disappears from the video. He manages to bring the audio back for a second, but then it disappears again.

Other users also say that developers of third-party blockers such as uBlock or the built-in blocker in Opera GX have already managed to work around these limitations, but some still encounter such issues.

If an ad blocker continues to limit your ability to watch videos, the easiest solution is to disable it or, as Google likes to recommend, purchase YouTube Premium.

In April, the company also announced its intentions to fight third-party programs that allow you to watch videos on YouTube, and since the end of last year, the company has also been fighting ad blockers.