NVIDIA reported strong financial results, and the company’s shares reached $1000, in part due to chips for artificial intelligence. Now, in order to continue to generate high revenues, the company plans to release new AI chips every year. This was reported by The Verge.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said that after the release of the Blackwell chip, the company will switch to annual releases, unlike previous releases, when the company updated processors every two years, such as Ampere in 2020, Hopper in 2022, and Blackwell itself in 2024.

“I can announce that there is another chip after Blackwell. We are moving to a one-year rhythm,” Huang said.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also previously said that next year the company would introduce the Rubin architecture, which will be based on the R100 GPU.

Despite the company’s ambitious plans, analysts have questions about how NVIDIA is going to sell the next generations of processors while the previous ones are selling well – for example, how NVIDIA will sell Blackwell while Hopper is still relevant.

Jensen Huang said that, first of all, new generations of GPUs for artificial intelligence are electrically and mechanically backward compatible and run the same software, which means that the transition between processors will be easy.

“I can announce that after Blackwell, there’s another chip. We’re on a one-year rhythm,” Huang said.