New bug in iOS 17.5 returns deleted photos from a year ago to the library

Users have started complaining on social media that after updating to iOS 17.5, photos that were deleted several years ago started appearing on their devices. This was reported by The Verge.

One user said that after updating his iPhone, obscene photos appeared in his library that he had deleted back in 2021. These images appear as if they had just been taken.

Another user also said that four photos from 2010 kept appearing at the top of the library, no matter how many times they were deleted. In the comments on Reddit, even more users report that they have encountered the same problem.

The same problem is present on iPadOS 17.5. One user said that he completely restored his old iPad, which he later sold to a friend. After updating the operating system, old photos appeared on this tablet that could not have been there.

In addition to the old photos, iOS 17.5 also brought back old calls and answering machine messages.

It is currently unknown what exactly is causing the problem. Apple has not yet commented on this situation either.