Five years ago, at CES 2019, LG unveiled the world’s first TV whose flexible OLED screen could be rolled up and hidden in the base – the LG SIGNATURE Rollable OLED TV R.

In the following years, the company updated it several times: the first model, the R9, was shown at the Las Vegas exhibition, in 2020 it was replaced by the RX, and the following year LG released the R1, which was relevant until 2023. All of them had the same diagonal – 65″, the price was about $90 thousand, and all models had minimal sales.

And now, 5 years after the high-profile announcement, LG has decided to stop production and further development of such TVs, according to the Korean newspaper Chosun. Most likely, this decision was made due to the inability to significantly reduce production costs.

However, the company will not stop experimenting with other ideas: for example, later this year, a transparent wireless TV LG OLED T is to go on sale.