According to Statcounter, in February this year, the share of Windows 11 users reached a record 28.16%, but after that the operating system began to lose its user base in favor of the older version.

Windows 11 is now used by 25.65% of users, while the share of Windows 10 users, whose life cycle is coming to an end, has been growing for the third month in a row and now stands at 70.03%.

In general, the statistics on Windows usage worldwide as of April 2024 look like this:

  • Windows 10 – 70,03%;
  • Windows 11 – 25,65%;
  • Windows 7 – 3%;
  • Windows 8.1 – 0,53%;
  • Windows 8 – 0,36%;
  • Windows XP – 0,33%.

In Ukraine, the gap between Windows 10 and everyone else is even wider. According to statistics, Windows 10 is used by 81.88% of Ukrainians, while Windows 11 is used by only 11.85% of people.

It is worth noting that Statcounter’s statistics are not 100% reliable. The analytical service has a tracking code that is installed on more than 1.5 million websites covering various types of activities and geographical locations.

The service registers billions of page views every month and analyzes the browser, operating system, and other things, so static error is also possible.