Alfa Romeo renames Milano electric crossover due to Italian legislation

The electric crossover Alfa Romeo Milano, which has just been presented, will have a new name – Junior. This decision was made due to pressure from the Italian government. This was reported by Autogeek.

After Alfa Romeo unveiled a new crossover, Italian Industry Minister Adolfo Urso accused the company of breaking the law by using an Italian name for a foreign-made car.

Urso said that the company violated a 2003 law that prohibits the use of names that could mislead consumers. Thus, the law prohibits the use of Italian names for products not manufactured in Italy.

Despite the fact that Alfa Romeo is considered an Italian manufacturer, they produce a new electric crossover in Poland, which violates this document.

“A car called Milano cannot be produced in Poland. It is prohibited by Italian law. This law stipulates that you cannot give instructions that mislead consumers. So, a car called Milano must be produced in Italy. Otherwise, it gives misleading information, which is prohibited by Italian law,” Urso said.

The day before, the company had already used both names. Milano was first used to refer to the rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo 75 sedan, and Junior was used to refer to the Giulia 105 and 115 series.