iOS 18 may allow you to freely arrange icons on the home screen

Icons on the Home screen in iOS 18 will be more freely arranged. Users are expected to be able to create spaces, rows, and columns between app icons, writes MacRumors.

Currently, users have the ability to create blank spaces on the home screen with apps like Shortcuts or Widgetsmith, but Apple is now working on built-in functionality for this.

Earlier, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is usually accurate about upcoming updates, also said that the company plans to add more customization options in the upcoming iOS 18 update. Now new sources report that the update will bring the most changes to the iPhone home screen in recent years.

We remind you that iOS 18is set to be the largest operating system update in history. Apple has many plans for AI to appear in Siri, messages, Apple Music, and other company programs and services.