Additional details about PlayStation 5 Pro and the console’s release period have been revealed

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming shared additional features of PlayStation 5 Pro and said that the console will be released this fall.

According to him, the PS5 Pro will have 576 GB/s system memory and a high frequency CPU mode that will increase the frequency to 3.85 GHz, 10% more than the regular version of the console.

The ACV in PlayStation 5 Pro will run at a higher clock speed than the standard PlayStation 5, giving the ACM library 35% more performance.

It is also reported that the PlayStation 5 Pro is being designed to be as “competitive” as possible, which is why the console will have a removable disk drive that will be identical to the latest version of the standard PlayStation 5, as well as 1 TB of storage.

He also confirmed the information about the processor that appeared last week. According to preliminary data, playback on PS5 Pro will be 45% faster than PS5, and the console will also receive 2-3x ray tracing (x4 in some cases), 33.5 teraflops, and PSSR technology.

Earlier it was also reported that Sony plans to release the console in the second half of 2024, before the release of Grand Theft Auto VI, which is scheduled for 2025. This is in line with what Tom Henderson reports.