Ukrainian IronGlass lenses were used during the filming of the movie Dune: Part Two

Lenses from the Ukrainian manufacturer IronGlass were used during the filming of Dune: Part Two. This was reported by an employee of the Ukrainian company Kostiantyn Harkavy.

“After almost two years of waiting, we can finally say that IronGlass lenses were actively involved in the filming process. This is not the first big movie with our lenses, but it has become a real testing ground for our MKll gears,” he wrote.

According to him, the development of this body and mechanics began in 2021, and in early 2022, the next prototypes were made. Despite the full-scale invasion, the team continued its work, some on the ground and some remotely from the trenches.

“I am pleased that MKll from IronGlass was chosen among thousands of other options, that they worked perfectly without any complaints about the mechanics and optical component, that even in difficult times in a country at war we can make a world-class product and be involved in exciting movie events,” added Kostiantyn Harkavyi.

On February 29, Dune: Part Two was released in Ukrainian cinemas on February 29. Before that, the project team shared their impressions of working on the film.