Apple Vision Pro users report cracks that appear out of nowhere

More and more claims of Vision Pro users against Apple are spreading online due to cracks in the glass of the $3500 augmented reality headset, Gizmodo reports.

Many users of the r/VisionPro subreddit complain that despite being extremely careful with the device, cracks appear on it as if by themselves.

Cracks appear in most cases almost in the middle of the devices. Many people claim to be “religious” about taking care of their devices, polishing them and keeping them in protective cases.

Others say that they have not even used their devices intensively, but still found a crack after overnight charging.

Users assume that due to a software bug, Vision Pro does not go into sleep mode, which leads to overheating and bezel expansion. This can cause a crack in the weak point of the front glass. But this is still a guess without any confirmation.

It is unclear what exactly is causing the cracks in Vision Pro. It is also unclear whether this problem affects a small number of users or is widespread.

Apple is treating Vision Pro owners differently in these cases. Some Reddit users have reported that the company has made repairs for free, while others have been told to pay for the AppleCare+ program to fix the crack.

AppleCare+ for Apple Vision Pro costs $500 for two years, or $24.99 per month, although the repair can cost users even more. The service fee for “other accidental damage” is $299, according to information on Apple’s website.

Earlier, we wrote that Vision Pro buyers were returning their devices in droves due to headaches after use and “poor” functionality that did not match the cost of the device.