The number of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag players increased by 200% after Skull and Bones release

For a long time, the average online player in Black Flag was about 1000 players. However, according to the SteamDB website, this figure rose sharply on February 16, the day when Skull and Bones was finally released after years of turbulent development, writes IGN.

After the launch, the number of players in Black Flag grew to 1,679, on February 17 – to 2,600, and on February 18 – to 3,226. This growth has continued, not falling below 2,401 players since reaching a new peak of 3,594 on February 25.

Unfortunately, there is no way to estimate the number of players in Skull and Bones, as the game has not yet appeared on Steam. Ubisoft prefers to release the game for PC on the Epic Games Store and its own Ubisoft Connect app.

However, insiders reported that about 800,000 players have played Skull and Bones since its release, including players of the free eight-hour version of the game.

This is not to say that Ubisoft has lost anything from this competition, as both games are owned by it, but the situation is funny.