Arrowhead CEO advises not to rush to buy Helldivers 2

Arrowhead Studio, the developer of Helldivers 2, announced a patch for the game on PlayStation 5 and PC this week. The patch should resolve the most serious problems faced by the game. Among them are problems with logging in, searching for players, and server load.

The first of the updates was announced for release on February 20. However, Arrowhead has warned players that it will not solve all problems at once.

The success of Helldivers 2 on release led to an impressive online presence of 400,000 players, and that’s just on Steam. However, the game was not ready for such a success, and the game’s servers are not up to the task.

With this in mind, the studio’s CEO Johan Pylestedt responded to one of the users on X network that it might not be the best time to spend money on Helldivers 2.

If you have no cash, get it later. While we made a really fun game it’s worth waiting until the servers can support the capacity. I mean, as a CEO I of course want the game to be as profitable as possible, but if you spent yr last $ and got stuck in server queues I’d be 💔,” writes Pilestedt.

This is not the first time that the studio’s CEO has spoken frankly with players. Earlier, he wrote that games have to earn the right to monetize, and that the studio doesn’t plan to add a PvP mode to Helldivers 2 because of its excessive toxicity.