Nintendo is the richest company in Japan with $11.4 billion

Nintendo is now the richest company in Japan. This is evidenced by a new report from the Japanese economic magazine Toyo Keizai.

According to ReadWire, the company boasts cash and cash equivalent of approximately $11.4 billion, as well as a complete absence of any debt.

At the same time, after the news that the possible release of the Nintendo Switch console will take place in 2025, the company’s shares fell by 6%. Despite this, the company has not yet commented on the situation.

Other well-known gaming companies that made it to the list of the richest companies in Japan include Bandai Namco, which was ranked 25th. Square Enix was ranked 38th, Konami – 50th, SEGA – 63rd, GungHo – 64th, Kadokawa – 81st, and Capcom – 88th.

Sony is not on the list because the company has large debts.