Elon Musk believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot lose the war. He also opposed the adoption of aid to Ukraine. The billionaire said this to U.S. Republican senators during a discussion at X Spaces, writes Bloomberg.

Opponents of the draft law on further assistance to Ukraine to combat a full-scale Russian invasion joined the discussion.

During the discussion, Elon Musk said that “there is no way in hell” that Vladimir Putin could lose the war in Ukraine. He said this in response to one of the speakers who said that people who expect victory in Ukraine “live in a fantasy world.”

Commenting on the US aid to our country, the billionaire said it was ineffective.

“This spending does not help Ukraine. Prolonging the war does not help Ukraine,” he said about the bill that provides for further assistance to Ukraine.

Elon Musk also pointed out that he is often accused of defending the Russian president. However, in his opinion, this accusation is “absurd.” In this context, the billionaire added that his companies have “probably done more to undermine” Russia than anyone else. This, of course, is absolutely not true, because apart from activating the Starlink satellite Internet and transferring a limited number of terminals at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the contribution of Musk’s companies to “undermining” Russia is minimal. After all, neither Tesla and its electric vehicles nor SpaceX have caused problems for Russia’s commodity economy.

The billionaire also believes that Vladimir Putin is being pressured to bring the war to an end, because “If he were to back off, he would be assassinated.”

The businessman said that his interest is to stop people from dying on both sides. However, he expressed doubt that seeking to remove Vladimir Putin is a wise decision.

“For those who want regime change in Russia, they should think about who is the person that could take out Putin, and is that person likely to be a peacenik? Probably not,” he said.

In his opinion, such a person is likely to be “even more hardcore” than the current president of the Russian Federation.

Last year, a scandal erupted over Elon Musk’s decision not to activate Starlink near Crimea. It is about a situation that happened in 2022 and became known from an excerpt of a biographical book about a billionaire.