Some iPhone 15 Pro still overheats, but this is “expected behavior”

After the release of the iPhone 15 Pro, some owners of Apple’s new smartphone started complaining about overheating problems. Since then, the problem has been fixed with system updates, but it seems not completely.

As reported by TechRadar, some users complain that the smartphone gets hot even when not used for heavy tasks. Some users replaced their smartphones, but the problem occurred on new devices as well.

NotebookCheck confirms that Apple Store employees call these cases “expected behavior.” They asked one of the stores to check whether their smartphone was fully functional, and when the results were positive, they decided to ask about the heating problem.

The new reports of overheating are not as critical as the cases when a smartphone was released. This behavior is explained by the fact that Apple has abandoned metal in favor of titanium, which conducts heat less well, in the new iPhones.

Apple has not commented on the situation and has not officially confirmed that overheating is “expected behavior” of the iPhone 15 Pro.