The website Visual Capitalist collected information about the 15 most popular phones/smartphones in history and created an infographic on the topic.

As you might expect, the top 15 includes a variety of Nokia and Apple models. The first places are, of course, occupied by the bestselling Nokia 1100 (2003) and Nokia 1110 (2005), which sold 250 and 248 million units respectively. The third is the iPhone 6/6 Plus (2014) – 222 million. And then there is a series of different Nokia and Apple models. The latest from Apple is the iPhone 11 (2019), and there are no new Nokia models in the top.

Nokia vs Apple

Interestingly, there is only one Samsung in the top 15 – the E1100 (2009). This can be explained by the excessive fragmentation of Samsung’s smartphone line, especially at the initial stage, when Apple produced only a few models. The best of the Korean smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S III (2012), together with the Galaxy S III Mini, occupies the 25th position: together they sold 70 million copies.

Which of the top 15 smartphones have you used?