Since the beginning of 2024, the gaming industry has been suffering from layoffs again. The latest and largest were Activision Blizzard and XBOX, where Microsoft is laying off 1900 people.

Other companies that suffered layoffs include Unity, which laid off 1800 employees in early January, Riot Games, which cut 530 jobs, as well as Twitch, Discord, Playtika, and many others.

According to VGC, in general, about 5600 employees have already been laid off in the gaming industry in the first month of 2024, which is half of all layoffs in the industry in 2023, during which, according to the latest estimates, 10500 people were fired.

Earlier, Benoit Clerc, head of Nacon’s publishing department, also expressed his opinion on the oversaturation of the market with games and the reasons for such massive layoffs. According to him, many projects were funded during the pandemic, and at the same time they began to massively expand the staff of developers, which leads to their layoffs now.