Google and Samsung have been working in partnership for several years to develop an operating system for smartwatches, with the next version of Wear OS 5 due this year and based on Android 14, according to 9to5Google.

The upcoming Wear OS 5 is being actively developed by Samsung for the next generation of Galaxy Watch 7 chips (Exynos 5535). It is expected to debut with the Galaxy Watch 7 series this summer, and the Pixel Watch 3, which may be available in two sizes, is likely to appear in the fall.

Details about the features and changes in Wear OS 5 are still scarce, and more information is expected to be revealed during the Galaxy Watch 7 announcement. The transition from Wear OS 3.5 to 4.0 was not very noticeable for users, and it is not yet clear whether Wear OS 5 will bring any noticeable changes to the interface or navigation.