Pokémon with Guns continues to break Steam records. On Sunday, January 21, 2024. Palworld became the most popular game on Steam, overtaking Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, and Baldur’s Gate 3. The number of simultaneous players reached 1,291,967 people.

Overall, Palworld is now the fifth best-selling Steam game of all time, second only to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (3.2 million players in 2018), Counter-Strike 2 (1.8 million players in May 2023), Lost Ark (not available in Ukraine, 1.3 million players in 2022), and Dota 2 (1.3 million players in 2016). Palworld has already overtaken all the top projects of 2023, such as Hogwarts Legacy (879 thousand in February 2023) and Baldur’s Gate 3 (875 thousand in August 2023).

The developers of Palworld, the Japanese studio Pocket Pair announce that in 3 days they have already sold 4 million copies of the game.