OpenAI CEO seeks billions of dollars for chip fab network

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who is working to raise billions of dollars from investors to produce chips, intends to use the money to create a network of semiconductor factories, Bloomberg with reference to informed sources.

According to them, Sam Altman has had conversations with several large potential investors. These companies include G42 from Abu Dhabi and SoftBank Group Corp.

According to some interlocutors, the project will involve cooperation with leading chip manufacturers, and the network of factories will be global in scope. Relevant negotiations have not yet been finalized, and the full list of partners involved has not yet been formed.

According to Bloomberg, the construction of a single modern plant can cost tens of billions of dollars, and the creation of a network of such enterprises will take years.

In December, it was reported that OpenAI was in talks with investors to raise a new round of funding for $100 billion or more. The relevant conditions, valuation, and terms have not yet been finalized and are subject to change. However, CBInsights believes that the realization of the planned plans will make OpenAI the second most valuable startup in the United States.