Apple has shown a demo video of Vision Pro: this is what it looks like to control, communicate, work, and play in a mixed reality headset

Last week, Apple once again gathered media representatives who were the first to see and test the new augmented reality headset. The 30-minute sessions were designed to demonstrate space navigation and control, make short calls, work with the Mac, and have fun (watching photos and videos, movies, etc.).

Before that, the company allowed journalists to talk about their experience, but forbade them to show even a photo of the device. However, Apple has now published its own video demonstrating the gadget’s capabilities (most likely, the journalists were given just such a presentation).

Of course, you shouldn’t pay attention to the actor’s reaction in the video. However, the video itself is interesting primarily for its visual demonstration of the possibilities. 

Apple engineers decided to do without additional controls, so the headset features eye tracking, which allows you to select the desired object and then interact with it with a few gestures. It’s hard to say that they are intuitive, but they are simple and won’t take much time to adapt.

Photos, panoramas, and spatial video were a separate part of the presentation. In the video, you can see how watching movies in the headset will look like. A separate small emphasis was placed on the sound, which is reproduced using the speakers in the headset mount.

Calls were also mentioned. Video communication can be either in the usual format or with a virtual avatar of the interlocutor who is also using Vision Pro at the same time. However, in both cases, this is still implemented through a separate window.

The presentation also covers some working aspects. These include workspace organization, Macs in augmented reality, and virtual spaces. There is also a separate “room” for meditation.

And despite the fairly good visuals, the video seems to have ignored the virtual keyboard. For obvious reasons, there is no mention of third-party applications or games here either. However, all enthusiasts interested in such gadgets will still be quite interested in watching the demo.