Ukrainian indie studio LTS has shared new details of Quasis: The Last Eclipse, an isometric RPG in the cyberpunk setting.

In an article for Gamedev.dou, the developers said that the game will take place in the future, where humanity is split into two camps – Cyborgs and Children of Gaia. Players will have to overcome all the dangers of a destroyed planet, fight artificial intelligence and megacorporations, and make a choice between nature, technology, or their own path.

Players will be able to move into different dimensions, such as the matrix, where “dekkers storm corporate servers and fight cyber guards in dynamic battles” or the augmented reality dimension, which “hides the ugly reality of Technopolises.”

On the Quasis: The Last Eclipse on Steam, the developers promise more than 100 hours of gameplay, a living world that reacts to players’ actions, 20 possible partners to recruit into the group, hundreds of quests and rivals, 6 endings, and much more.

So far, the game’s release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2026, and LTS plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign. You can also subscribe to the studio’s social network so as not to miss future updates: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X and Discord.