Elon Musk wants more control over Tesla, otherwise he will create products outside the company

Elon Musk is seeking more control over the automaker Tesla, reports Reuters.

According to the billionaire, he is “uncomfortable developing Tesla as a leader in artificial intelligence and robotics without having ~25% of the vote.” This is almost double his current share.

Elon Musk explained that this is enough to be influential. But not so much that the billionaire could not be “dethroned.”

Unless that is the case, I would prefer to build products outside of Tesla. You don’t seem to understand that Tesla is not one startup, but a dozen,” wrote Elon Musk in X and called for a comparison between Tesla and GM.

The billionaire currently owns about 13% of Tesla after selling billions of dollars worth of securities in 2022, partly to help finance the $44 billion purchase of Twitter.

By the way, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Elon Musk uses illegal drugs, which is a concern for the CEOs of his companies. In this context, the publication drew attention to Tesla, whose code of conduct describes the company as a drug-free workplace and prohibits employees, including executives, from using drugs even outside the office.