Hi-Fi Rush, one of the best games of 2023, may appear on Nintendo Switch. According to Eurogamer, a Nate the Hate insider told about it during a podcast.

Despite the fact that Nate the Hate hinted at a possible release of the game on Nintendo Switch, he did not specify what exactly it would be:

“What I will share with you is that in the calendar year of 2024, Microsoft will bring one of their more acclaimed first party releases to a competitor system,” the insider said.

Speculation on the Internet immediately began about what kind of game it could be. In a discussion of Nate the Hate’s statement on the ResetEra website, users immediately suggested that it could be Hi-Fi Rush.

The insider lolilolailo, known for his previous accurate predictions about XBOX, responded to this comment, confirming the guess.

Of course, neither Nintendo nor Microsoft, for whom the game is still an exclusive, have confirmed these rumors.