Turkish online retailer Hepsiburada.com plans to launch operations in Ukraine despite the war, reports Bloomberg.

The e-commerce giant intends to start selling goods in our country if the trial run is successful.

The plans are being called part of a long-term strategy for the online group, which has been struggling to recover from a drop in share prices since going public on the Nasdaq in 2021.

“Ukraine is a difficult but important market for Turkey,” said chief executive officer Nilhan Onal Gokcetekin. “This is a strategic investment for us. In the future, (Ukraine) will normalize and we want to be ready.”

Initially, the focus will be on testing operations in Ukraine. However, the company’s long-term strategy is based on cooperation with local partners.

Hepsiburada was founded in 1998 and is officially known as D-MARKET Electronic Services & Trading. After entering the Nasdaq, the company’s shares fell from $15.23 to $0.59, but are now trading at $1.70.