NASA invites everyone to send their names to the surface of the Moon aboard the agency’s first robotic lunar rover. This is stated in the official report of NASA.

It is a device called VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover). It will go to the South Pole to study the environment before the upcoming NASA mission, during which people are planned to be delivered to the surface of the Moon.

As part of this campaign, the names of everyone will be accepted until 23:59 Eastern Time on March 15. You can take advantage of this opportunity by clicking here. On the site, you can get a kind of boarding pass to commemorate your interesting experience.

“With VIPER, we are going to study and explore parts of the Moon’s surface no one has ever been to before – and with this campaign, we are inviting the world to be part of that risky yet rewarding journey,” NASA said.

VIPER is scheduled to land on the lunar surface in late 2024. Its mission will last about 100 days.