ChatGPT can be used as a voice assistant on Android smartphones, replacing the usual Google Assistance, reports Android Authority.

This information was found in the program version 1.2023.352, where a new activity com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity was added to the code. This feature is currently disabled by default.

Nevertheless, Android Authority managed to launch it and shared a first look at how the OpenAI voice assistant will look like on smartphones.

The assistant can be launched in the same way as Google Assistant, i.e. by long pressing the Home button or another appropriate button. After that, users will see an animation that indicates the start of communication.

Still, the functionality is quite limited and nothing works beyond the initial animation. It is not yet known when and if it will be possible to use OpenAI AI as a voice assistant, but the company is taking steps in this direction and we may learn more in the future.