A little over a week ago, Microsoft quietly launched the Microsoft Copilot app for Android. However, a version for Apple smartphones and tablets did not appear at the same time. However, we didn’t have to wait long, as the new app is now available in the App Store.

This was drew the attention of TheVerge.

Microsoft’s AI assistant still uses the large ChatGPT language model, and unlike the original application, it offers the OpenAI GPT-4 version for free. It then replicates the familiar chatbot interface from the Bing app, where the assistant still works the same way.

We didn’t have to wait long: the Microsoft Copilot app for iOS and iPadOS is now available

The functionality of the Microsoft Copilot app also remains the same: the chatbot can provide users with information, generate ideas, help with information search, prepare a draft of a letter or document, generate images via DALL-E 3, and more.

You can try out the new app at this link. Moreover, Mac users can also use it on their computers.