Only a few weeks have passed since the release of the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI. But there are already a lot of videos online that recreate the video in the style of other games, writes Polygon.

To begin with, Grand Theft Auto VI was recreated in the style of the previous games in the series. For example, we are talking about Grand Theft Auto V:

Another option is a trailer in the style of Grand Theft Auto IV:

And, of course, someone “reimagined” the video in the style of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

There are also several options in the style of Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it is quite difficult to choose a favorite here:

What about Grand Theft Auto VI in the style of Saints Row 2?

Or even Fortnite!

Of course, Minecraft should also be in this selection:

Just look at how the trailer looks like The Sims 4!

It also works interestingly with Garry’s Mod:

One of the coolest things about Grand Theft Auto VI is that it was depicted in the Lego style:

The graphics of the original PlayStation add a bit of nostalgia:

Even more nostalgic is the version on CRT TVs in 2002:

And, finally, someone has depicted Grand Theft Auto VI in… 1956!