Marvel’s Blade may be released only in 2027. This was revealed by insider Jeff Grubb on the Xbox Era Podcast.

“Blade by Arkane. If you’re thinking, ‘hey, when can I play this? Right now, inside the studio, the game is expected to start selling in digital stores in 2027. That’s the year the studio is targeting for the game’s release. That’s the date they have circled on their calendar,” Jeff said.

He also clarified that this is the nearest possible year of release, and the game should not be expected earlier. The discussion also touched upon the fact that Blade will be released on the updated XBOX consoles, but the game may also be released on the Series X|S.

— Idle Sloth💙💛 (@IdleSloth84_) December 24, 2023

Marvel’s Blade is a new “adult” original game about the famous vampire hunter, which will have a completely new original storyline that has not been covered in movies or comics before. Marvel Games is also involved in the development of the game.