Honda WR-V Field Explorer concept car: a small cross-country vehicle

About a year ago, the compact crossover Honda WR-V appeared: initially, this car was intended for the Indonesian market; later it became the basis for the Honda Elevate model, which was developed for the Indian market. And what about native Japan?

The company decided to combine the two. In its home market, the car will be launched under the name Honda WR-V, although the body design is Honda Elevate. In any case, the essence remains the same: a compact crossover, an atmospheric 1.5-liter engine (118-121 hp), and front-wheel drive only.

In order to somehow “warm up” the public’s interest in the car’s launch in early 2024, the Japanese decided to build a Honda WR-V Field Explorer concept car. The name and appearance openly hint at adventure: off-road tires, black wheels and grille, additional protective pads, and a roof rack.

The status of the concept for the Honda WR-V Field Explorer is rather conditional. In the absence of technical changes, you can even create such a “cross-terrain vehicle” yourself – by ordering and installing certain options or accessories. So it is not for nothing that the Honda WR-V Field Explorer concept is preparing for its debut at a local car show dedicated to tuning – it will not only “warm up” potential buyers, but also demonstrate the possibilities of modifying the Honda WR-V.

Given the rather simple design and small size of the Honda WR-V, we should expect a rather tempting price. However, we will find out exactly what it will be in the home market in early 2024, when sales of this car start in Japan.