Ubisoft also became the target of a hacker attack, but unlike Insomniac Games, this time the company managed to take the necessary measures before the data was stolen.

According to a vx-underground user on X (formerly Twitter), the attackers were in the system for 48 hours and browsed Microsoft Teams, Confluence, and SharePoint during that time.

Fortunately, despite the fact that the attackers spent 48 hours in the system, they did not extract anything specific that could harm Ubisoft. The hackers wanted to extract more than 900 gigabytes of files from the company’s system, but they didn’t have time.

Interestingly, the attackers tried to extract data related to Rainbow Six Siege, and although there is no official information about the origin of the attackers or their intentions, the attack to extract Siege data occurred just a few days after the company disqualified Russians from the game’s tournament.

“Ubisoft was hacked a few days after Virtus .pro was disqualified from the Rainbow Six Siege tournament. The attackers tried to get information about Rainbow Six Siege. Owls started to fall somewhere.”