Mercedes-Benz became the first company to receive permission to use the color turquoise for exterior lighting in cars to indicate automated driving.

So far, the company has received such a permit in only two states in the United States – California and Nevada. In California, the permit is valid for testing turquoise-colored parking lights for automated driving on highways.

Mercedes-Benz receives permission to use turquoise color to indicate automated driving

Nevada has authorized the installation of special parking lights in production vehicles starting with the 2026 model year of EQS and S-Class Drive Pilot vehicles. The authorization will last until legislative changes are made.

The turquoise color will work when the car is equipped with Drive Pilot, the world’s first SAE-Level 3 system for partially automated driving with international approval. Level 3 allows the driver to take their hands off the wheel, their feet off the pedals, and take their eyes off the road.