A very cute Ukrainian quest Shapik: The Quest from indie developer Pavel Podberezko, released on Kickstarter.

Pavlo is a refugee from Zaporizhzhia Oblast who now lives in a village in Vinnytsia Oblast and is developing his second game. Pavlo’s first project, Shapik: The Moon Quest, was released in 2020, received very positive feedback from players and has a Steam rating of 93/100.

According to Pavel Shapik: The Quest is almost 80% complete, so it is raising a very small and very specific amount of money – $6,318, most of which will go to taxes and developer’s living expenses.

The playable version of Shapik: The Quest, shown during Indie Cup Ukraine ’22, made a very good impression on us. Actually, the game has some vibes of Amanita Design projects and is just as cute overall. The estimated release date of Shapik: The Quest is expected to be released in May 2024. Let’s support Ukrainian. If you’re not ready to do it on Kickstarter, at least add the game to your Wish List or buy Pavlo’s previous game, Shapik: The Moon Quest, which costs only 149 UAH.