Netflix is going to publish a new report twice a year detailing the most popular shows and movies on the streaming service, reports The Verge.

The first such a report has already been published by the streaming service and contains information for the period from January to June of 2013. Such data is called the best view of how much and what users watch.

Netflix’s report displays three key indicators: the number of hours watched, the availability of the series worldwide, and the release date of a particular project. The first season of the series The Night Agent took the top spot in the debut report, with over 812 million hours of viewing.

Next is the second season of Ginny & Georgia (665.1 million hours), the first season of The Glory (622.8 million hours), the first season of the series Wednesday (507.7 million hours) and
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (503 million hours).

This is only the top five, and the full list contains more than 18 thousand items. Content is included in the list when it garners more than 50 thousand hours of viewing.