McDonald’s is preparing a large-scale technological upgrade that includes the integration of generative artificial intelligence. In this matter, the network of establishments cooperates with Google, writes The Verge.

Everything will happen next year, when McDonald’s restaurants will upgrade their hardware and software. The cooperation also means that the company will use services provided through Google’s cloud services.

McDonald’s will be able to use generative AI on huge amounts of data to optimize operations. The company does not specify the role it assigns to AI, but says that the integration will result in “hot, fresh food.”

It is not yet clear what exactly is meant. However, the publication predicts that in the coming years, we should expect more automation involving AI.

McDonald’s doesn’t say that AI will replace employees. However, the company’s statement mentions that the system should “reduce complexity” in the work of staff and that it will “provide new and exciting experiences for staff and customers.”

Earlier this year, it became known that Wendy’s is automating its express customer service with a voice chatbot with artificial intelligence. This was also done in cooperation with Google.