The problem with Google Drive on PCs has been fixed, but only partially

At the end of November, Google Drive had a problem with computers causing files to disappear, and the company finally announced that they had found a solution, but it may not work for everyone.

According to Engadget, starting with version of Drive for PCs, a separate “File Recovery” button has been added to the program’s settings. This feature starts a recovery process that, if you’re lucky, will help you get your lost files back.

If you’re unlucky, Google continues to work on the problem and asks for feedback if you encounter any errors during the restoration:

“If you’ve tried to run the recovery tool and are experiencing issues, submit feedback through the Drive for desktop app with the hashtag ‘#DFD84’ and make sure to check the box to include diagnostic logs,” they wrote on the support page.

There, on the support page, the company offers command-line recovery options, as well as Windows and Time Machine recovery.