End-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger will now work by default

Facebook Messenger will finally get support for end-to-end encryption by default, reports The Verge.

Messenger has been able to use E2EE since 2016, but only for a limited number of users. Later, in 2022, the company added the ability to use encryption for everyone in the form of disappearing messages.

Now all chats, as well as audio and video calls, will be encrypted by default. However, the new functionality is only just being rolled out, so some users may experience it a little later.

“This has taken years to deliver because we’ve taken our time to get this right. Our engineers, cryptographers, designers, policy experts and product managers have worked tirelessly to rebuild Messenger features from the ground up,” said Loredana Crisan, VP of Messenger.

According to her, with the introduction of E2EE by default, users will not lose any of the functions that were available to them before.