The recently unveiled GTA VI trailer, which has already garnered over 100 million views and has become the most high-profile game premiere in history, features a lot of very strange characters.

An elderly woman with hammers, a crocodile in a swimming pool, a man in a thong watering a lawn, a woman doing a car roof twerk, and so on. Well, all of these references are very familiar to Americans, because the authors of Grand Theft Auto VI refer to very real TV news stories filmed in Florida. In the video below, all these references are collected with explanations.

And to cut to the chase, here’s the answer to all those who complain that there are not enough white people in the GTA VI trailer. As a reminder, the game is set in a city that was inspired by Miami (Florida), and there are even some specific city landmarks.

Demographics of Miami (2020):
Hispanic or Latino – 70,2%
White – 14,0%
Black or African American – 11,9%
Asian and Pacific Islander – 1,3%
Others – 2,6%