Canalys predicts recovery in the PC market, with shipments growing by 7.6% in 2024

Global PC shipments in 2023 will decrease by 12.4% compared to 2022 and amount to 248.5 million units. Last year, they reached 283.7 million units. This is stated in the forecast of the analytical company Canalys, writes TechPowerUp.

However, experts note that PC shipments in the world are now on the verge of recovery after falling for seven consecutive quarters. In the fourth quarter of this year, the market will return to growth of 5%.

“The global PC market is on a recovery path and set to return to 2019 shipment levels by next year,” Canalys explains. “The impact of AI on the PC industry will be profound, with leading players across OEMs, processor manufacturers, and operating system providers focused on delivering new AI-capable models in 2024. These initiatives will bolster refresh demand, particularly in the commercial sector.

According to Canalys, global PC shipments will grow by 7.6% next year compared to this year and reach 267.3 million units. This will be driven, among other things, by the Windows upgrade cycle and the spread of AI systems.

As a reminder, Intel and AMD’s profit growth indicates that the PC market is recovering from the pandemic. In addition, the executives of both companies hope that the integration of artificial intelligence into PCs will accelerate this growth.