The Indie Cup festival team has announced the finalists of the Indie Cup Ukraine’23 competition. Out of 72 games, the jury selected 26 best projects that will compete in 5 categories.

Three projects received the most nominations: Hollow Home, Aris Arcanum, and Hoglands, which managed to collect three nominations each. As a reminder, the narrative RPG Hollow Home tells the story of the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war in a city besieged by Russian invaders, very similar to Mariupol.
Aris Arcanum – is a magical roguelike, somewhat similar to the projects of Supergiant Games. А Hoglands – is a mix of 2D Tower Defense and RPG in which noble boars fight zombie pigs.

Finalists of the main competition Indie Cup Ukraine’23, selected by the festival jury:

Most Anticipated Game Award for the best game of the festival – Hollow Home, Glory To The Heroes, Aris Arcanum, Oberty, The Cable Guy, Tactical Squad: Stories of Special Forces, Headquarters: World War II, Hoglands

Most Promising Game Award for the best game at the early stages of development – Hollow Home, Glory To The Heroes, Aris Arcanum, Dark Carrot, UMDS: Ukrainian Military Drone Simulator, SPARKHUNT, Strange House, Fishing Stories, Freedom Tower

Rising Star Award for the best debut game – TIC-TAC: Twelve o’clock, Esophaguys, Blessed Burden, Freedom Tower, Hedenite, Zero Losses, Oblivio Mortis, FoldVille, The Hovanets, The Keeper of The Enchanted Tree, Hoglands

Critics’ Choice Award, selected by representatives of the press and influencers – Hollow Home, Dark Carrot, Redemption of the Damned, Awita: Journey of Hope, Aris Arcanum, Hoglands, Through the Nightmares, TIC-TAC: Twelve o’clock, Oberty, Hedenite, Plastomorphosis

In addition, the organizers of Indie Cup Ukraine’23 launch a public vote People’s Choice Award, for which six projects were separately selected – Hollow Home, Aris Arcanum, Oberty, Through the Nightmares, Awita: Journey of Hope, Hedenite. The team that collects the most donations from its community for the current Indie Cup for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will win.

The second stage of judging will take place on November 30 – December 18, 2023. The winners of Indie Cup Ukraine’23 will be announced on December 20, 2023.