NVIDIA has informed customers in China that it is postponing until early 2024 the release of a new AI chip that the company developed to comply with US export restrictions, writes Reuters with reference to informed sources.

According to them, it is the H20 chip. It is considered to be the most powerful among those developed by the company with a focus on the Chinese market. The product was supposed to be available on November 16, but the timing has obviously changed.

It is now expected that H20 will appear in the first quarter of next year. According to one source, the company may release the chip in February or March. This could complicate NVIDIA’s efforts to maintain market share in China.

In addition to H20, NVIDIA plans to release two more chips to comply with the new US export regulations – L20 and L2. As for L20, it is planned to be released without delay, but information on the status of L2 is still unknown.

As a reminder, new restrictions on the supply of NVIDIA A800 and H800 chips, which were designed for the Chinese market, have recently come into effect.