OpenAI researchers have warned the company’s board of directors of a powerful breakthrough in artificial intelligence that they say could threaten humanity, reports Reuters.

They wrote the letter on the eve of Sam Altman’s dismissal. According to informed sources, this letter was one of the factors among a long list of claims that led to the dismissal of OpenAI’s CEO.

According to Reuters, this may be the Q* (pronounced Q-Star) project, which is called a breakthrough in the creation of general artificial intelligence (AGI). The agency’s source explained that the new model was able to solve basic mathematical problems thanks to its huge computing resources.

The source also added that although the model performs math tasks for elementary school students, the success of such tests has made researchers very optimistic about the future success of Q*.

In their letter to the council, OpenAI researchers noted the capabilities of AI and its potential dangers, the sources said. However, they did not specify what kind of security problems they were talking about.

Recently, Sam Altman stated that OpenAI plans to attract additional funding from Microsoft to create AGI – AI with human cognitive abilities. He said that the partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is “working very well.”

Last Friday, it became known that Sam Altman had been fired from OpenAI. The scandalous story had been unfolding for several days. It resulted in the fact that Altman was supported by almost all OpenAI employees.

They wrote an open letter to the board threatening to move to Microsoft. In the end, the story ended quite expectedly: the day before, OpenAI announced the return of Sam Altman as CEO.