The U.S. Department of Defense announces a new $100 million military aid package for Ukraine, and one item in it is surprising.

У рамках цього пакети Україна отримує:

  • Stinger anti-aircraft missiles;
  • one (!) M142 HIMARS and additional ammunition;
  • 155mm and 105mm artillery rounds;
  • anti-tank missiles TOW;
  • FGM-148 Javelin and AT-4 anti-armor systems;
  • more than 3 million rounds of small arms ammunition;;
  • demolitions munitions for obstacle clearing;
  • winter gear, spare parts and other additional equipment.

One separately named HIMARS system looks a bit strange in this list, which makes the experts of Military and some other publications conclude that it may not be a conventional HIMARS, of which Ukraine has many and which, as previously reported, have not suffered losses during hostilities. Not the usual one, but in the configuration for launching “fat” missiles MGM-140 ATACMS, or small-sized precision-guided munitions GLSDB, or maybe even new long-range missiles ER GMLRS.

In any case, despite the problems with budget approval, US support has not stopped, which is very encouraging, and we will hopefully find out soon from the reports of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on enemy losses.